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Sale information:

* All goats are disbudded (unless polled), CDT vaccinated, and given coccidia prevention.

* We prefer to dam raise our kids and they are available at 10 weeks. We will occasionally have bottle babies that will be ready to leave sooner. Kids are dam raised unless listed as a bottle baby on the sales page.

* All doelings and bucklings are ADGA registered unless noted otherwise on the sale page.

* A deposit of 50% of the purchase price is due within 24 hours for the goat to be held. Venmo is the preferred method of payment, but PayPal is accepted as well. Balance is due at the time of pick up.

* If you do not currently own goats, you must purchase two. Goats are herd animals and become depressed without a companion. We will not sell a single goat without a companion waiting at his or her new home.

* Because goat health is effected immediately by the care they receive, we cannot guarantee the health of a goat once in your care. Bottle babies will be accustomed to taking a bottle but it will still take patience to get them to take a bottle in a new environment. 

* Discounts are offered for 4H and FFA members - please remember our policy on single goats.

* Any goat may be retained at any time and listed prices may change once kids are on the ground depending on assessment.

* All wethers are $100 or $150 for a pair.

* Discounts will be given for the purchase of multiple bucks or bucklings.

* All breeding stock tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes in October 2019.

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