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Pasture Raised Chicken


We have pasture raised chicken for sale with harvest dates in June, August, & September 2020

We believe chickens belong on a pasture doing chicken things, like scratching for bugs and nibbling on grass. A chicken raised naturally provides a larger, more flavorful bird than confining the animal and feeding it only grain. In exchange for a better meal and the fertilizer they leave behind, we provide the chicken a better life. Continuing with the respect we have for the animals we raise, nothing goes to waste. What is not served on your table becomes broth, barn cat food, or dog treats. 

We will have Cornish Cross birds in June and August - large breast, more white meat. Septembers birds will be Freedom Rangers - these are closer to a heritage breed chicken with more of a balanced mix of light and dark meat.

If you are interested in ordering for the 2020 season please click the link below to place your order: 


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