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Well that was a craptastic Saturday

Nothing like getting a letter that might train wreck your lifestyle and definitely will cost you a lot of money, AND Penn State losing to Ohio State to ruin your Saturday.

Add that to finding mold in the ceiling and coming down with a nasty head cold (thanks for never washing your hands, kids). You can imagine the state of my mental health at midnight on Saturday. Equal parts teary eyes, exhausted brain, full Zulily cart, and desire to break dishes.

Note to Kenny and my Mother: I did not buy the cart full of retail therapy.

But today is Sunday. Today I am drinking my coffee and outlining state and local farming ordinances. I always wanted to be a lawyer - here's my chance! I mean, I imagined arguing the validity of a large corporate merger but a zoning variance for goats seems equally important. Nay, MORE important. Because goats.

Today I emptied my Zulily cart because I already have a trunk full of bags from Target that I haven't had time to put away yet. (Good evidence that I don't need more stuff I suppose). I have requested quotes from mold eradicators and told, no, asked Kenny to call roofers tomorrow.

Thanks to Kenny for the reminder that I can't pull the covers over my head, Terri for the reminder that swearing fixes everything, and my Mom that everything always ends up ok if you do your research and keep a calm head.

Except losses to Ohio State, nothing fixes that s&^%.

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