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Food Freedom: Where do you start?

You have been thinking about where your food comes from. You have been thinking about how your buying habits effect your health, the environment, and the economy. But where do you start?

1. Start Small

Overhauling all your food habits at once isn't doable. It's like a crash diet. Maybe you can do it for a few weeks but it is not a long term solution. Pick two areas you want to change.

2. Determine what you eat the most

When you are picking the two areas you want to change, think about what you eat the most. Maybe it's salad and chicken. Maybe it's tomatoes and ground beef.

3. Find a local source

Find an easily accessible farmers market, local farm, or even simply commit to buying the produce that is sourced locally at your grocery store. I often buy apples at the grocery store and not the farmers market, however I check the sticker for a Pennsylvania Orchard. Why would I buy apples from Washington State when we grow hundreds of thousands of them right here?

We have Lancaster's Central Market about 30 minutes away, but it's not easy to get to and the parking is a pain, especially with three kids in tow. I found the Masonic Farmers market 10 minutes away with convenient parking. I can get fresh fruits and veggies there quickly! Sustainable habits are key. If your local, organic, and ethically raised food is too hard to get, you won't keep buying it. It's how we got here in the first place!

If you want to focus on meat, find a local farm or find where they sell. We bought half a cow earlier this year. When I do go to Central Market, I stock up on other meat. That's the easy thing about meat: you can freeze it!

4. Plan for Plants

Fall is a great time to grow greens! If you want to grow a warm weather crop, start planning for the spring. Decide what to plant and where. Make sure your soil is in good shape. Compost your kitchen waste if you need to improve the soil. Research the plant you want to grow. Decide when you will start the seeds indoors or buy seedlings.


Think about changing your food sources in terms of progress, not perfection. Sometimes you will still eat frozen pizza. Sometimes you will eat Washington State apples. Strive to change your habits one at a time. Strive to keep your money local. Teach your kids the same mentality and share what you do with those around you. It's so easy not to think about where your food comes from. Honestly we are conditioned to not think about it, convenience is king but sustainability is queen. 👸🏻 😉

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