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2019 Love Your Home Challenge

You know I love my home. I've lived here in some form or another since 1989 and owned it since 2014. But some days, it makes me want to scream. There is stuff EVERYWHERE! Permanent marker on the wall. Dog slober on the furniture... And it wouldn't be Life on Beagle Road if there weren't unfinished projects!!!

So what am I going to do about it? Well, for 2019... I am going to change it! Here is the plan: I am going to tackle 2 areas of the house per month, spending 2 weeks in each room.

Week 1: Declutter & Clean

Day 1 & 2: Separate items into keep, donate, sell, trash, or move to another room. Throw away the trash.

Day 3: Deep clean the room. Drop off items to be donated.

Day 4: Put keep items away in an organized fashion.

Day 5: Put items that belong in other rooms away. Post items to be sold.

Use day 6 & 7 to make sure you have what what you need for the following week: screw drivers, paint, wine, etc.

Week 2: Make Repairs

Day 1: Spackle walls. Tighten any loose furniture, curtain rods, etc.

Day 2: Sand spackle.

Day 3 & 4: Complete and touch up any necessary painting.

Day 5: Call any professionals if you have repairs out of your depth. (Or assign projects to your spouse... Thanks Kenny!!)

Spend time enjoying this room on Days 6 & 7!

Monthly Calendar

January - Dining Room & Kitchen

February - Family Room & Laundry/Mud Room

March - Bathrooms & Living Room

April - Robbie's Room (this is going to take 4 weeks!)

May - Girls' Room & Playroom

June - Our Room & Closets

July - Office & Studio

August - Den & Basement

Some things to consider before you get started:

* Have 4 containers: Keep, Sell, Donate, Move to Another Room

* Where will you store items for sales? Price them to move! You weren't using them anyway!

* Do you need any new things for the room you are about to tackle? (for example, I need kid craft storage for the dining room)

* What days and times will work best to get these tasks done? Fail to plan, plan to fail and what not.....

Here is where you can follow along with my journey and share yours!

Instagram: @lifeonbeagleroad

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